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Available Kittens


Name: BR* Allfla Moana

Birth: 24/fev/2021

Ready to move: after 24/Jul/2021

Collor: Black Tortie Smoke with White

Our kittens will always be delivered like this: 

  • Neuter (we do not deliver for breeding except for our partners) 

  • Vaccinated 

  • De-wormed 

  • Kitty Health Attestation 

  • Kitty Ecodoppler 

  • Kitten Fiv / Felv 

  • Negative DNA and screening for parental genetic disorders 

  • Microchip 

  • Contract for sale 

  • Pedigree FIFe


Delivery will be from 5 months of age, upon release from our veterinarian.

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