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BR* Allfla Naomi

BR* Allfla Naomi

Dad: GIC BR* Allfla Derek Morgan

Mom: Gaga Lady BillAndCoo, CZ

Birth: 02/04/2021

Collor: Black with white - MCO n 09

Check: Pedigree

Exames: HCM (Per parents DNA), PKD, SMA, PKDeF N/N (per parents DNA). Also Fiv & Felv Negative.

1_20220811_102815_0000 (1).png

The daughter of the Holy Spirit! She was born on a Holy Friday, showing no signs that it she was even on Mom Gaga's belly. Only daughter, our second nothing basic blackie girl, she demanded to learn to live, use the bathroom, etc, because Mom Gaga did not care about a singleton, she prefers having more than 1 baby rsrsrs

Naomi, it's the continuation of the Dream, responsible for making me decide to retire her daddy, is identical to parents in temperament and type, very similar to Krystal. This girl is special and conquered us since she was born, came to end a cycle and start another! Welcome, Neguita, I love you so much!

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