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Gaga Lady BillAndCoo, CZ - Gaguina

Gaga Lady BillAndCoo, CZ AKA Gaguina

Dad: IT* Leaena Cookie Monster

Mom: Matilda Atte Ros, CZ

Birth: 13/07/2019

Collor: Black Tortie Mackerel - MCO f 23

Exames: HCM, PKD, SMA, PKDeF N/N (Per parents DNA + Eco 2020). Also Fiv & Felv Negative.

Check: Soon Pedigree

1_20220811_102815_0000 (1).png

Gaguina came to us so that she could open the line, after all, we knew that soon a new princess should arrive in our lives. And so she arrived, a wonderful princess: sweet, with personality and very affectionate and loving. So it is! For us, fantastic! Ah! And like every tortie, it is full of Tortietude, after all every tortie has to have this Tortietude right? We are extremely grateful to Sarka for the opportunity to have this rare jewel, and for the friendship that has been built. Welcome Gaguina Pepina, welcome princess! You have already won our hearts and we are completely in love with you!

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