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GIP BR* BeautifulToLive Brienne

GIP BR* Beautiful to Live Brienne

Dad: BR* Sammayacoon Frederico

Mom: BR* Petcoon Naomi

Birth: 26/11/2014

Collor: Black Tortie Tabby Halerquin - MCO f 02 21

Our crazy tortie is this one: Beautiful, crazy, sweet and loving! Our first Maine Coon. It was thanks to her mom that I fell in love with the breed and decided: I need to have a daughter by Naomi, and here she is! It was love at first sight, love the first photo! Unfortunately we had some mishaps along the way and she was almost gone due to a pyometra! Yes, she is our Easter miracle that has risen from the ashes! Unfortunately she can never be a mommy, but she lives happily in her queenly life!

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