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The Beginning

One day, we decided to go to a cat show as cat lovers and we faced up with the beautiful and lovely breed Maine Coon. Its beauty and sweet nature catched us at first sight. Then, we started to search more about the breed and its breeders in Brazil. Slowly has born on us the desire to promote more about the breed and with it we finally decided that we would become breeders and registered our cattery.


We focus on breeding almost handmade, being small, serious and looking for high quality. Quality in type, health and nature. To reach that point, we are in a constant dedication, we have patience and persistence, always with a lot of love and affection to the loves throughout all their lives.


Therefore, when you choose to take home a new 4 legs kid from the Allfla Family, you can be sure that you will take with you not only a kitten, but a piece o four hearts and a member of our Family, as for us, this is what they are: Family member!

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