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Available Kittens

We have kittens! Contact us for knowing our plans!

Also, check out our plans. Oh! You can also check our partners of the Katus Wild Look Cattery, as they may have available kittens.


Our kittens will always be delivered like this: 

  • Castrated (we do not deliver for breeding except for our partners) 

  • Vaccinated 

  • De-wormed 

  • Kitty Health Attestation 

  • Kitty Ecodoppler 

  • Kitten Fiv / Felv 

  • Negative DNA and screening for parental genetic disorders 

  • Microchip 

  • Contract for sale 

  • Pedigree FIFe


Delivery will be from 5 months of age, upon release from our veterinarian.


We deliver all over Brazil, but for flights it is imperative that it be accompanied, either by us or by the future owner.


These delivery conditions are mainly to preserve the physical and psychological health of our kittens, so we do not accept other terms. We are in no hurry to deliver, so we are with the kitten here until the best moment for delivery.

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