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Who are we

We are a cattery based at Indaiatuba-SP, which began as a pet/animal lovers and a Maine Coon lover. We started to breed them in 2015 and had our first liter in 2016. Love, respect and full dedication with our fur kids and for the Maine Coon breed are our number one priority in this journey. As they are our number one priority, Flavia has certificated herself as veterinarian assistant to better take care of our gang!

Our affix Allfla is associated to FIFe, the international federation responsible to generate the pedigree and to audit our work for the breed improvement, always respecting and loving each day more our 4 leg kids! We are affiliated to AGM, Associação do Gato Mineiro, Amaccon, Associação da raça Maine Coon no Brasil, and CBG, Clube Brasileiro do Gato.

If you see our photos in site like “Mercado Livre” (Free Market), OLX or others in this kind, please help us denouncing and inform us, because for sure someone is using in a

wrong way.


You are more than welcome to meet us in the shows in Brazil!

With a great affection, Flávia e Allan

Click here to check our begin and some curiosities about the breed!

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