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CH BR* Allfla Eloah

CH BR* Allfla Eloah AKA Doiduxa

Dad: BR* D'Arcoons Yuri

Mom: HR* FelisAdmiranda Um Berta

Birth: 15/06/2018

Collor: Black Tortie Blotched with White - MCO f 09 22

Check: Pedigree

Exames: HCM (Per parents DNA + Eco 2018), PKD, SMA, PKDeF N/N (per parents DNA). Also Fiv & Felv Negative.

The crazy doiduxa was the first to be born and we said: "That is the one", and I swear that a speck entered our eyes at that moment haha! She is everything we wanted: a girl from Berta and Yuri, beautiful, loved, social, playful, and of course: crazy as any tortie should be and makes the house full of life! And so, nothing more to say, she is the boss and she decided to stay here! So, she will be our calico dream!

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