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BR* Allfla Gamora

BR* Allfla Gamora

Dad: GIC D'Arcoons Yuri

Mom: CH BR* BeautifulToLive Kyra

Birth: 28/09/2019

Collor: Red Blotched com Branco- MCO ds 09

Exames: HCM (Per parents DNA + Eco 2018), PKD, SMA, PKDeF N/N (per parents DNA). Also Fiv & Felv Negative.

Check: Pedigree

1_20220811_102815_0000 (1).png

Gamora is our guardian of the galaxies! And as such she is a mega companion, attentive, fuzzy and well with life, even though she has a sulky face, she is one of the happiest puppies we have ever had, because she never has a bad time! A little princess in smoky tones! Obvious, she stays! So seh will protect us from any and all evil. More than welcome this diva! We love you!

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