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Other dreams

No less precious and beloved, we have in our big family Allfla our dogs Susie, Guto, Barbie and Mike, shihtzus, and our cats Daniel and Grey, nom-breed, that are the origin of our love for felines. Our children, our treasures.


And now, we have a new cat to fulfill our dreams, BR* Loyal Cats Atena, our Egyptian Mau from Loyal Cat Cattery! She is encharming us every single day! How is so sweet this breed!

Oh Yeah, she is neuter. She is our princess!

Since we enter this cat world, a breed got our attention, the Ragdoll, well, literally rag doll LOL. And now our Ragdoll dream has arrived: BR* RagBurt Precious Sunny, our Sunny, another princess for us. She came to shine our family! Oh, yeah! She is neuter!

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